Charles WashomaProud African & World Citizen

During childhood, I experienced some negative (harmful, unconstructive, off-putting) cultural experiences and, as a result, developed a pessimistic (negative) view and disregard for my African heritage. Eventually, I came to the understanding that no culture is perfect and so I decided to pick the best fruits of all cultures. In addition to my interest in world history this is partly why I love to travel and to connect with people across the globe. With time and as I came of age I started to reconnect with my heritage in a very strong and positive way.

“I have always loved what it is to be in Africa and to be an African. I value and respect my heritage of Ubuntu, Utu, and Hunhu which embodies a deep sense of humanity. I also realize the special place and role we all have as citizens of the world.”


I am particularly proud of the African philosophy of Ubuntu, which emphasizes the importance of humanity and the well-being of the community. This culture is prominent throughout African societies. For example, in Shona ubuntu is known as Hunhu and in Swahili it is known as Utu.
I am also proud to be a citizen of the world because I recognize we are one human race. Our fate and well-being as mankind is interdependent.

Over the years I have engaged in numerous activities to promote the understanding of Ubuntu and by so doing enhance leadership capability, peace and understanding. It is my opinion that there is an opportunity and significant benefit to promote the philosophy of Ubuntu and the importance of community so as to help to create and transform communities across Africa and the world.

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I believe that everyone can make a difference in the world by “leading life with purpose” which includes utilizing your talents, knowing your purpose in life, pursuing a vision, and realizing your individual potential.


My purpose is to communicate messages of hope, to inspire, and to lead with others in building integrated, productive, and progressive communities.
I love to work with people and communities in achieving goals that have a positive impact both in business and society at large. My focus is to use my personal attributes and the resources available to me in working towards achieving this objective.


My vision revolves around a preferred future for Africa and the world. A future in which the people of Africa are united and working towards a common purpose and interests. It is my conviction that as Africans we need a wider sense of community in order to be united and to progress to take our rightful place in the world as partners to a better future.


Leadership begins with self and as such it is important to have a strong set of values that guide our words and actions each and every day.

My values are founded on three key pillars:

  1. God: It is my fundamental belief that God is the author of creation. My knowledge and worship of God is founded on the gospel of the resurrected and eternal Lord, Christ Jesus
  2. African Heritage: I value and respect my heritage of Ubuntu, Utu, Hunhu!: which embodies a deep sense of humanity
  3. Warrior Ethic: Discipline, honour, and courage are at the core of everything I do


Message to youth

An important factor in life is how you interpret and respond to situations and experiences. It is important that you always take a positive view, of yourself, life, and the world. Here are ten helpful guiding rules that I wish to share with you:

  • Discover the reason for your existence and live life with purpose to pursue a goal beyond and greater than yourself
  • Do not allow personal circumstance to be a hindrance.
  • It is important to make decisions in life and to act on them with conviction
  • It’s not whether you make the right decision but rather how well you carry out the decision that you take
  • Try to always keep your word and honour the trust that people grant you
  • Admit when you have made a mistake and learn from all situations
  • Whilst money is important do not place too much emphasis on material possessions
  • Abstain from drunkenness, drugs, and immorality for such things will ruin any person
  • Try to keep company with people who will be of positive influence in your life and be a positive influence on others
  • Do not try to be someone else but rather be the best of yourself, the best that you can be