Charles WashomaRecommendations & Endorsements

I have received many endorsements and commendations throughout my career but the words I will remember most are those of my late Headmaster upon completion of high school in 1991 who said of me in a recommendation “I believe Charles will make a worthy contribution in his adult life and to the world”.

I have received endorsements for my skills in the areas of relationship management, business analysis, strategy, corporate governance, and management consulting from a number of business leaders including Mr. Ibrahim Kaduma, Chairman – African Life Assurance, Margaret Dawes, Executive Director – Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM), Azim Jamal, Chairman & Founder - Corporate Sufi World Inc and renowned Author, Speaker, and Life Coach, Junior Ngulube, CEO - Munich Reinsurance Africa, Harpreet Duggal, President – International Markets Binani Cement, Jay Dobah, CEO Mphilo Yami Insurance Brokers, Aiden Eyakuze, Director Serengeti Advisors, Wilberforce Machimbidzofa, Executive Director Reinsurance Solutions Group, Philip Van Schalkwyk, Chief Operating Officer Astute.

Some of Charles’ endorsements and recommendations include the following:

“Charles is a committed and visionary leader. He can be relied upon and always has the bigger picture in mind. Despite his extensive commitments and success in business Charles takes time to serve wider industry and the community at large which shows his belief that success does not end with him individually or his business but that it must extend to the wider community”

Mr. Yogesh M. Manek, Executive Chairman - MAC Group Limited

“Charles is resourceful, highly motivated, firmly committed to what he believes in and has a strong determination to excel in whatever he does. Certainly Africa and the insurance industry in particular, has a strong leadership asset in Charles Washoma”

Mr Ibrahim Kaduma, Chairman - African Life Assurance

“In spite of his professional achievements Mr. Washoma remains intensely humble, professiong belief in God as central to his life. He subscribes to a value system that that acknowledges the needs of others and service to community. He lives life to the full and has varied interests and experience that make him one of a rare breed of gifted leaders who actually relate to people. Charles stands out among his peers as a distinguished leader”

Professor Charles G. Inyangete, Group CEO, T-Mortgage Limited 2010

“Charles is authentic and enjoys a good reputation particularly for his integrity and drive. In addition to running a successful business Charles also takes time to serve the community. This clearly shows his desire for a better society and his willingness to work and contribute to that. Whilst Charles is clear minded and decisive he is very inclusive in holding discussions, deciding, and planning”

Azim Jamal, Chairman & Founder - Corporate Sufi World Inc and renowned Author, Speaker, and Life Coach